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Re: Little slow around here, so...

Post by PHPaul » Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:45 am


Same technique, different armature. "Leaves" aren't right but otherwise does a pretty fair imitation of an apple tree. Drops of red paint for the apples.


Previously built trees planted as a hedge/view block between where the house will be and the "Spare Inventory" pile behind the shop. Waiting on some plastic shingle castings to roof the garage.

Car is a '63/'64 Ford wagon I found in a $5.00 stack of Matchbox toys at Walmart. I'll give the rest to the great-grandsons, the Ford was the only thing appropriate to the era. Added a little rust along the fender lips and the rocker panels. I mean, it IS a 60's Ford! :p

Seeing as I'm gonna have a house, figured I needed a vehicle for Mom and the Kids.

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