Who is laughing now, eh city slicker??

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Who is laughing now, eh city slicker??

Post by Bkeepr » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:47 pm

My wife and I were just chatting. Besides regular wheat flour, we've got winter wheat, rye, and corn in the pantry just ready for grinding and turning into almost unlimited bread. We've got canned and frozen food that we've grown (or hunted) ourselves and put up.

We've spent the last 25+ years enjoying learning all kinds of arcane skills (milking goats, carding and spinning wool and cotton, weaving and knitting, metal-working, wood-working etc etc), and some people have derisively called us "preppers."

Well, now I'm watching the news and the near-riots at food stores with empty shelves, and I think to myself: Who is laughing now, city boy?


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Re: Who is laughing now, eh city slicker??

Post by Bernie/MA » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:09 pm

We have a bunch canned food my wife put up. Doc called her, they're going to do her appt tomorrow over the phone. My appt Frday for the hip doc is still on as of today but call Thurs to see if the hospital is still open. The people at the Food Pantry here in town had to stay 6 feet apart.

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Re: Who is laughing now, eh city slicker??

Post by moll » Thu Mar 19, 2020 4:35 pm

I have bacon and eggs, wheat bread, what more doya need?
My Dad took egg sandwiches to school for years, all you need
is a loaf of bread, layin hens and a fire.

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Re: Who is laughing now, eh city slicker??

Post by GeneMO » Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:46 pm

I have thought about these things too. Makes me wish we had an old milk cow and chickens now. Milk cow could be done, I have 50 or so acres of pasture. So I could fix some fence and get a cow and butcher calves (price still low now). With some doing, I could get some hogs, although I would have to buy feed, so not sure of the value of that. I am afraid the bobcats, owls, and foxes would prevent chickens, without major effort.

But in thinking of the things I do have to be thankful for, Stocked up on fuel, propane and oil for good selection of tractors, dozer, chain saws, etc.
Plenty of firewood. Whole house generator and good propane supply. Unfortunately no guns (all stolen by a band of traveling gypsies). Plenty of food. Deer and squirrels galore. (may have to trap as no firearms). But all in all, doing good. Medicine would be my most pressing problem if chit really hit the fan.

Best thing now. I am at the end of a dead end, private drive 1/4 mile long. And I can gate the end if I want. 1 old bachelor lives out at the end of the drive, other than that, nearest living being is over 1/2 mile. We take social distancing seriously!! :lol:

Take care of gang.


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