Mornin all....

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Formerly loopy
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Mornin all....

Post by Formerly loopy » Thu Apr 23, 2020 8:30 am

I didn’t want to go out in the cold to start my truck (to make sure that the battery wouldn’t die through lack of use)

Took me three days to remember I had a remote starter...

Truck won’t start.......sigh
It’s ok I’m not going anywhere any way.
We got an inch of snow last night.
I’ve been making reuseable, washable masks for neighbors and friends and put em on the fence post at the road.
I do as much as I can then rest. Weight went down to 88 lbs. again. I mean what am I gonna do with all this material I bought at yard sales all those years, I can’t take it with me. Pretty sure hubby is never gonna use it, I mean it’s not like it’s a machine, or hunting equipment, or fishing gear, or man cave type stuff...
Lost one family member, with 3 more infected since I was last here.
Loop in yet another loop

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Re: Mornin all....

Post by PHPaul » Thu Apr 23, 2020 10:24 am

Thanks for letting us know you're still with us!

Thankfully, nobody in my family nor anyone I know from the area has been affected beyond the inconveniences of social distancing and the )$#(R%ing hoarders keeping the grocery shelves half empty.

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Re: Mornin all....

Post by Bkeepr » Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:03 am

Good to hear from you. I've lost 2 old school friends to the virus, and a third is now in intensive care. I guess we're at that early-old age where we still feel healthy and strong, but aren't really anymore. Hang in there: the cold will end soon, and actual Spring-Summer will be here. I'm thinking of the old Beatles song "Here Comes the Sun," and it feels about right...

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Re: Mornin all....

Post by Patria » Mon Apr 27, 2020 8:12 pm

Hey Loops, I have been thinking of you often and hoping you were doing well. Good to hear from you girl!

I'm fine, and like most everyone else, staying at home.

Glad to hear from you all. Hugs

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Re: Mornin all....

Post by GeneMO » Wed May 06, 2020 11:12 am

Hate to hear of your loss, was it a direct result of the Covid? I guess it is bad stuff, but not sure how accurate the information we are being given is.
Glad to hear you are keeping busy.

This too shall pass.


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