Dodged a bullet...

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Dodged a bullet...

Post by PHPaul » Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:37 pm

Little backstory: The building right across our driveway to the South was the town post office for many years. Then a real estate agent bought it and opened his office there. The guy was everything awful you've ever heard about salesmen in general and real estate agents in particular.

We had a years-long feud going with him over the property line, his septic system overflowing on our land, his completely illegal (due to lot size among other things) trailer and the scum he rented it to, his customers parking in our driveway and blocking the exit and on and on. Just a complete, cast iron asshole.

A couple of years ago, he "retired" (I suspect he lost his license, but don't know that for a fact) and sold the building. Art and Pat, a nice semi-retired couple bought it, remodeled the upstairs into an apartment for their Summer/Vacation home and converted the downstairs to an antique shop. Initially, they thought the world of the previous owner/agent. Over the last year, reality has set in and they now understand just what a weasel he is. New roof. New furnace. Major septic issues.

So anyway, one of the bones of contention between us and the previous owner was a spectacularly ugly fence he put up well over onto our property. That little trick resulted in my wife getting arrested for "assault" (she grabbed a paint brush out of his hand). It was half-assed to start with and deteriorated rapidly and got jury-rigged with patches scabbed onto it as the posts rotted off and suchlike.

As soon as they closed on the place, Art and Pat talked with us about replacing it. We agreed that if he would pay for the materials, I would build the fence to whatever design we could both agree on. What with all the other repairs needed, it got put off for a couple of years. Earlier this week, he said "We're ready if you are." So we reviewed our agreement and talked a bit about specifics and shook hands.

Today I borrowed Dale the Builder's excavator and tore the remnants of the old fence down and moved some rocks out of the way in preparation for putting up 60 feet of new fence. The owners had gone out for the afternoon before I started and just got home a bit ago.

Art flagged me down and said "WOW! It looks SO much better without that trashy fence! What say we just put the rocks back on the line and do a little landscaping - a little fill, some grading and some bushes?"

I'm all for that! Saves him a raft of money and me a shitload of work!

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Re: Dodged a bullet...

Post by Bkeepr » Mon Jun 15, 2020 7:36 am

Wow, you must really live good for "karma" to take care of you like that!! I thought the story was going to continue that "they were unaware that the fence was on your property...". Good on you!

You know you ought to buy us all a round, in celebration! :lol:

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Re: Dodged a bullet...

Post by bwillett » Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:54 am

I agree, with Bkeeper, Pauly....I'll take a Coors..... :)
Bill Willett
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Re: Dodged a bullet...

Post by Patria » Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:48 am

Fawteen, that story aught to be the background or intertwined plot for a saga type of novella ending with all the good folks shaking hands and celebrating a wedding or some sort of event in the backyards of both neighbors. :idea:

Paul, seriously now, good story and I'm glad it has a good ending.

Ok now pass a Coors please :!:

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