Cutting more trees

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Cutting more trees

Post by GeneMO » Wed Jun 24, 2020 8:41 pm

So when we built a few years ago, we built right in the timber. I cut down approx. 30 trees, then had the stumps dozed out to make the hole for the house. But we have no yard. It goes right into the timber from our sidewalks. I like the view, it works, BUT wifeys native flower bed isn't getting enough sunlight. So about a month ago I had the local logger guy come out and cut 5 big ones that were above my skill level to cut. ( " a mans' got to know his limitations" ) Well, that wasn't enough, in the right place. So I put a cable on the two (smaller ones) to be cut this time. Make my notch, cut in the back, then pulled em over with the Kubota. Wife was impressed on how they landed exactly were I told her they would.

So now that those are gone, she has picked out three more. We just keep watching the sun throughout the day and see where the shade is.

Guess it is best to do it this way than to have cut too many at first.

Kinda hard to put em back if you cut too many.

Take care all.


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Re: Cutting more trees

Post by RickyB » Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:57 pm

Work Work Work. Wife can keep a man busy but if that makes her happy then better for you.

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Re: Cutting more trees

Post by Bkeepr » Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:48 am


that's why we love them, you know. Give us something fairly unimportant to complain about. :lol:

You may have a couple more iterations to go, though I guess you know (as a life-long farmer, more than me), the sun moves with the season as well as the time. So as summer proceeds the shadows are going to be moving too. Your logger buddy might be dropping hints to her, you know, to ensure long-term employment!

have a great one...good luck!

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