Officially started on the shop yesterday

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Officially started on the shop yesterday

Post by GeneMO » Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:22 pm

Clearing the spot that is. Have to remove the old 1948 Chevy Styleliner that is my grandsons play car. Getting it jacked up so I can slip the bale carrier under it and hopefully not mess up the car too bad. When I lifted it up, the rear axle fell down on the right side. Someone about 6 decades ago had pulled the leaf springs out from under that side. The transmission is gone, but engine is complete. Seats gone, floor pan rusted out. Lots of really good trim on the body, windshield wipers, all the door handles, dash, chome, bumpers good. Most body parts are solid also. Wish I knew someone restoring one, could maybe help them out.

Anyway, cut some trees, need to clear about 20 trees to open up the site. The dozer man is dragging his feet, been trying to get him out here for a month. Gonna have to light a fire under him. Builder has been here. We got a somewhat plan.

Take care all, Have a nice day!! :lol:


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