Steam engine show here

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Steam engine show here

Post by GeneMO » Fri Sep 11, 2020 1:41 pm

Show started yesterday. Gonna try to take the grandkids tomorrow. Supposed to have rain in AM, but clear up for the afternoon. The oldest boy is 9, and is crazy about trains, especially "Steamies". I hope to get one of the old timers on the steam engines to give him a little course on how the steam engines work. I think he will be interested, even though it is not a train. He seems to do real well at museums we have taken him too. There is plenty of stuff there. I am also looking to buy me an old H or M Farmall. Just to have one to putter around on. I have an M, and a Super H, but both are in various states of repair. The Super H is tore completely down, and going to cost three time what it is worth to fix like I want. The M probably has a cracked head or block. Getting antifreeze in the oil pan. That is my ramblings for the day.

Take care all.


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Re: Steam engine show here

Post by Bkeepr » Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:05 am


Did you take him to the show? I love steam engines, too. You know, you might get him one of the actual-running toy steam engines to play with/learn on. New ones are pretty steep, but you can probably find an old used one that works for a reasonable amount.

good luck with the tractors. Old iron can be so frustrating!


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