A kid that was willing to WORK!

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A kid that was willing to WORK!

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Didn't think there were any of them left...

Just had my house reshingled. (Ouch...)
Boss/Owner and one young man showed up, the Boss spent a half-hour or so explaining what needed to be done and left.

That young man (mid-20's at a guess) stripped and re-shingled 19 squares worth by himself. Strip it right down to the deck, replace drip edge, ice and water shield, underlayment, shingles and flashing. Only help he had was that when he was ready the building supply folks set the shingles on the roof with a boom so he didn't have to lug them up the ladders.

Showed up at 8:00, worked steady until 3:00 and spent another hour cleaning up after himself every night. Never saw him even look at his cell phone, pretty sure it was in his truck.

I was so tickled with his willingness to work and the quality of the job I gave him a healthy tip and I can't recall the last time I tipped anyone but a waitress.
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