Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

Post by Bkeepr »

Hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving, spent whatever way you enjoy it. If you have a moment to spare, please let folks here know what you are doing (or did), and if you have 2 moments, what you are grateful for.

We’re meeting friends today at a diner for dinner. Our family, kids grandkids and in-laws, are meeting on Saturday at one son’s house for a traditional Thanksgiving. I am grateful for good health, family and friends, just enough wealth, and what are—in the big scheme of things today— small problems.

How about you?
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

Post by PHPaul »

All the kids/grandkids had previous plans so we're having a quiet Thanksgiving. Which, frankly, is fine by me. We see everybody pretty regularly so it's not a big deal.

I'm thankful that I'm retired, have a comfortable income and all my kids and grandkids are well situated and doing well on their own.

Mostly... :lol: The Bank of Grampa still gets tapped from time to time...
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

Post by GeneMO »

I Spatchcocked a turkey, smoked it on my Tragger. It was good, but not the best I have done. The bird was small, about 15 lbs. I really needed a bigger one. This one was up to Temp in only 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I like to give them at least 4-5 hours. Anyway, we are still eating on it.

I havent killed a wild turkey for about 7-8 years. Gotta get off my butt and do that.

I started doing some part time work for the NASS. And offshoot of the USDA census. It pays about half what my crop insurance adjusting does. But the crop insurance usually runs out of work in late December through Feb, and often doesn't pick back up till late April or May. I thought I was "retired" But Bidenomics has bit us in the ass.

But we will survive. Farm is paid for. Wild game plentiful, and nice spring at the bottom of the hill.

Hope everyone else is making it.

I didn't see anything from Jim. Need to look back for a report on him.

As Clark Griswold would say, " Later Dudes" :lol:

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

Post by Patria »

Hello friends, this Thanksgiving was the first one I hosted all by myself and I believe everything turned out pretty good. I baked the turkey and cooked the main side dish but everyone brought side dishes, deserts, and drinks. I am satisfied with the results and might host a Christmas dinner party, we'll see.

The thing is, I have several ongoing home maintenance projects that I have started and finished, others I did not. One of them being the open basement that also has a big room with walking closet and full bathroom. In that room the Peanuts slept, and now that's Gerrit's tool 'shed'. There's tools everywhere, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. I have exchanged a couple of them for repairs to the old car, and the house but I still have plenty.

That being said, one of the projects I did not start on yet is restoring of a couple of power tools that work wonderfully but are starting to get rusty, and some of them I want to keep, especially those that are used to work with wood; those are mine. The rest need to go. Or not. LOL

Ok, off to run errands, take care!
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