Still alive

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Still alive

Post by GeneMO »

Had to take on a second part time job to keep ahead of these wonderful economic times we live in. Our financial advisor on our Edward Jones acct keeps having us take less out each month to keep it at a certain, sustainable rate, but EVERYTHING keep going up terribly. Our main Fridge went bad this summer. That was like $1400. The well needed work $900, And on and on. Gotta run, be back later.

Red Dave
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Re: Still alive

Post by Red Dave »

Hey Gene, it has been awhile. Hope everything is OK in your part of the world.

Inflation is hard on everybody, but it hits those on a fixed income especially hard.

Take care and don't be a stranger.
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Re: Still alive

Post by Bkeepr »


glad to see you checking in finally! Sorry things are so rough for you right now, hope everything smooths out soon. You're right on the other thread, though, about "farm paid for, lots of wild game, good spring...we'll survive." We're in the same boat, except for the spring. We do have a creek across the road. It is downstream of the town's sewage plant output, but I guess if we had to, we can boil the water! :lol:

take care, check in more often, heh??
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Re: Still alive

Post by Patria »

Happy to see you, Gene, and Red Dave and Bkeepr of course!
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