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YouTube - Helpful, but...

Post by PHPaul » Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:54 pm

Our Maytag dishwasher developed a problem of not draining. It was only 3 years old, but it had other random issues that aggravated Mawteen so we said "screw it" and replaced it with a new Bosch about 3-4 weeks ago.

As I'm getting ready to hit the sack, Maw sez "What does E:24 mean?" New Bosch shut down in the middle of a rinse cycle and had that error on the display. Sorry little pamphlet that came with it didn't say diddly about error codes.

So, I go to our Internet Friend, good old Ewe Toob. It's like Mr. Wizard, it knows everything, right?

Sure enough, several videos about E24 on Bosch dishwashers - Not Draining (Gee, that sounds familiar...)

Suffered through a 6 minute video to find a 10 second solution: The drain line and/or filter is plugged. Hook up the shop vac and suck the crap out of the drain line.

So I pulled the filter and it looks good, but the sump is full of water. Unhook the drain line where it tees into the sink drain and...huh...little plastic dot falls out right were it was blocking the hose jag that attaches the drain hose to the house drain.

I'm thinking it's been acting like a flapper valve and water flowing through the drain randomly picked it up and blocked the drain. Probably the only thing really wrong with the Maytag. $700 we probably didn't need to spend. Oh well, Happy Wife, Happy Life.

BTW, the little plastic dot turned out the be a foot off a glass cutting board. Peeled the other three off it and suggested to Maw that perhaps handwashing cutting boards would be a Good Thing.

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